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My History

Hi There!

My name is Karyma and I am a Certified Infant Sleep Consultant, founder of Sleep Well Little Ones and mom of three lovely children. 

I would like to be your sleep consultant and help you so your little one can sleep through the night, and take long restful naps during the day.

Experience & Training

I  believe that it is very difficult to really understand what a sleep deprived parent is going through unless you have experienced it yourself. And I have been there. 

When my husband and I became parents, we were so happy with our little baby boy and living every challenge that he brought us, especially waking up many times a night. But, after 6 months, we began to realize that this was not a healthy way for any of us to go on;  I was stressed and my son did not deserve being overtired.

When he was 4 months old, his sleep began to get worse. Every day we were waking up 8-10 times during the night! We were doing everything we could to get our son to sleep well: pacifier, rocking, nursing, singing, and many other things just to get some uninterrupted sleep. But we couldn’t figure out how to help him get good sleep. I knew I had to do something different, so I did my research, tried some new things, and tried to figure out how to get my little one to sleep on his own in his crib.  But nothing changed.

I talked to a good friend and she recommended me a Sleep Consultant. She told me that the method had step-by-step instructions on how to get my baby to sleep and I decided to contact her that day. 

After I started the program, my son showed immediate progress; and we were all getting better sleep starting from the first 3 days of the program!

Doing this program changed our lives. We have kid-free evenings with my husband again, and now we are able to enjoy life with three little ones, because when my daughter and next baby boy were born, we were ready. It was much easier because I knew how to teach my children to fall asleep on their own; they slept much better and mastered this earlier than my first son. This is what life should be like with children! 

So I want to help you change your lives as well, and have a happy and rested family.  

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